Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alicia Silverstone - Batgirl [WA]

I never really understood how Joel Schumacher, who had done some marvelous movies, could do such a dreaded piece as Batman & Robin. I don't mean that it is poor job. It was so wretched that it obviously took a lot of effort to make that especific kind of movie.

How come the guy who made "St. Elmo's Fire", "The Lost Boys", "The Client", "Falling Down", "A Time to Kill", "8mm" and "Flatliners" could do something like "Batman & Robin" escapes my reasoning. Even with the studios forcing a "kid's friendly Batman" I cannot understand how he was able to do a campier version of Batman than the 60 TV series.

I try, really hard, to think of it as some kind of Warholesque apropriation of mas media material and an exposition of how stupid it can be.

The only thing I recall of this movie with a little enthusiasm is Alicia Silverstone taking the Batgirl mantle. The scenes were terrible but the imagery was enough to make me want to draw her quite often.

This is an Work Abandoned [WA], as I did lots of mistakes early on and do not with to redraw the whole thing. I'm just posting it as a reminder to myself to analise the structure and lighting better before shading and doing the textures...
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