Monday, March 28, 2011

Underneath My Skin

"Holding on to.. the sweet escape.."

I just can not stop listening to that song.. And wathing the video on youtube

Anna Paquin - 2nd try - Piano [WIP]

Still can't stop sketching Anna Paquin. Now I've sketched a still frame from her first movie, for which she got an Oscar: Piano.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anna Paquin - 1st try

I've always been a huge fan of Anna Paquin. I cannot recall one single movie with her which I did not enjoy, even partially. She even saved the X-Men trilogy.

I'm tiered, sleepy and my hands hurt. I just could not go to sleep before doing a sketch of her. I'll do a better job next time...

Kirsten Dunst [WIP]

I had just finished watching Elizabethtown when this urge to sketch Kirsten Dunst took over me.. again. This time I wasn't so strong in my objections, or lazyness, so I just did a quickie..

The Dead Zone - Sheriff Walter T. Bannerman

Continuing my sketches of the dead zone characters: Sheriff Walter T. Bannerman, played by Cris Bruno

Alicia Silverstone - Batgirl [WA]

I never really understood how Joel Schumacher, who had done some marvelous movies, could do such a dreaded piece as Batman & Robin. I don't mean that it is poor job. It was so wretched that it obviously took a lot of effort to make that especific kind of movie.

How come the guy who made "St. Elmo's Fire", "The Lost Boys", "The Client", "Falling Down", "A Time to Kill", "8mm" and "Flatliners" could do something like "Batman & Robin" escapes my reasoning. Even with the studios forcing a "kid's friendly Batman" I cannot understand how he was able to do a campier version of Batman than the 60 TV series.

I try, really hard, to think of it as some kind of Warholesque apropriation of mas media material and an exposition of how stupid it can be.

The only thing I recall of this movie with a little enthusiasm is Alicia Silverstone taking the Batgirl mantle. The scenes were terrible but the imagery was enough to make me want to draw her quite often.

This is an Work Abandoned [WA], as I did lots of mistakes early on and do not with to redraw the whole thing. I'm just posting it as a reminder to myself to analise the structure and lighting better before shading and doing the textures...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. Molly Caffrey - Carla Gugino [WIP]

I've been a big fan of Threshold (TV series) for quite a while. I've become quite angry with the fact that there is no DVD set of the show in Brasil. I'd love to watch the extras, especially those parts where they are supposed to be talking about the future of the show, had it not being canceled.

So I present you my first sketch of a Threshold character: Dr. Molly Caffrey.

Intuos 2, Krita over a Debian Sid.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Johnny Smith [WIP]

Continuing my Dead Zone frenzy, the one and only John Smith (Anthony Michael Hall). I still have a lot of shading to do but decided to post just the line work for now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking those intuos into The Dead Zone

I have just finished watching The Dead Zone, the entire TV series, and enjoyed it a lot.
Since I was already playing around with my Intuos, 2 and 4, I decided to give it a try with those characters while experimenting with krita, the KDE painting app. I'm still trying to figure ot how to work efficiently with krita since I've been an avid Gimp user for years. It seems to be worth the hassle as krita has its focus on ilustration and painting while Gimp in image retouching. It seems I can do a lot of stuff mixing them up.

Sarah Bannerman (Nicole DeBoer)

Bruce Lewis (John L. Adams)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Intuos 2, Frustrado still frustrated

Still trying to make peace with my intuos 4. I do not know why but my trusty old intuos 2 seems a lot more confortable and responds a lot better then her younger sister. I did this sketch just for the sake of practice.