Thursday, July 19, 2012

R.I.P. Alcatraz

One difference, I've learned, of the USA's and Brazilian's TV productions - beeing it series or soap operas - is how easy it is to kill a show in the USA and how hard it is in Brazil.
In the US, if the series does not get the return desired it can be killed off right after the premier episode is broadcasted. Most shows do not even survive their first season.
In Brazil, it is quite the opposite. The TV networks produce their own content and arrange their assets in order to maximize their usefullnes. If a show is struggling, they rework the plot but are unable to cancel the show because they have nothing else to put in it's place. They drag the show for a few more months until they can decide the plot, assemble a cast, and do all the pre-production tasks necessary inside a huge, monolithic and burecratic corporation.
Alcatraz suffered the North American fate: it was canceled after their first season even though it had a promissing future.

RIP Alcatraz...
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